Global Mappings

Person Index

Ali, Dusé Mohamed
Bruce, John Edward
The Diaspora's Journalist: Architecting transnational black coalitions
Carmichael, Stokely (Kwame Ture)
From Civil Rights to Black Power to Pan-Africanism: the political legacy of Kwame Toure
Casely Hayford, Adelaide Smith
Activist for West African women's right
Casely Hayford, Joseph Ephraim
Architect of Inter-War West African Unity
Córdoba, Diego Luis
Estenoz, Evaristo
A Pioneer of Afro-Cuban political mobilization
Gómez, Juan Gualberto
A Pioneer of Afro-Cuban political mobilization
Hercules, Felix Eugene Michael
Johnson, James Weldon
Writer and activist of the Harlem Rennaissance
Locke, Alain
The New Negro personified
Macaulay, Herbert Samuel Heelas
Founder of Nigerian nationalism
Maceo, Antonio
The Bronze Titan
Randolph, Asa Philip
An architect of the modern civil rights movement
Schomburg, Arthur A.
Griot of the African Past and Teacher of Black Scholars
Taylor, J. Eldred
Williams, Henry Sylvester
Progenitor of Pan-Africanism Movement

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