As of March 29, 2006, the Global Mappings
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Pan-Afrocan Congress, Paris, 1919
Image from "Crisis, A Record of the Darker Races", Negro Universities Press, 1969

The basic premise undergirding the Global Mappings project is that by the late nineteenth century, African and African-descended communities and organizations in Africa, the New World and Western Europe viewed themselves as part of a supra-national "imagined community" that was not territorially demarcated.

This imagined community was based on a belief in the common source of their displacement and oppression: a matrix of white supremacy, colonialism and apartheid created and re-generated by the dominant powers of the modern West. As a consequence, political actors from these very distinct parts of the world developed alternative political and cultural networks across nation-state boundaries to decry their conditions and to mobilize against them.

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